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Germany x Albino!Child!Reader x Prussia Ch.8
Chapter 8
     "Germany? Where's the little bambina?" 
     The German glanced at his older brother, waiting for an answer. It was Prussia's turn to take care of [Name] during this part of the meeting. The albino shrugged. "[Name] told me that she had to use the bathroom. I let her."
     "And you let her go by herself?!" Ludwig exclaimed as he stood up. 
     "That's invasion of privacy," Gilbert tried to reason. "And she said that she could go by herself. Now the awesome me wouldn't want to be pedo, right West?" The eldest brother smirked as Germany turn slightly pink. Germany wasn't a person for those things but it reminded him of the magazines he has
     Ludwig sighed. "You could of at least wait outside the meeting room until she comes back. Some stranger might kidnap her." 
     "Hey!" England exclaimed, hea
:iconanimegamer1223:AnimeGamer1223 202 27
Germany x Albino!Child!Reader x Prussia Ch.4
Chapter 4
     Germany woke up to his alarm clock beeping loudly. He slapped the top of it and looked at the time. It was 6:15. He then remembered why he set the time. There was a World Meeting later on and it was being held in England, as in the land form. He changed into his green military outfit. He made sure there was no stains or very deep creases. He then went to his super tidy desk where two tickets laid noticeably on the polished wood.
     "Wait a minute."
     Who was going to watch [Name]? He got the tickets a few weeks before she came so he didn't order another.
     Then as if on cue, a ticket fluttered out from his drawer and landed on the floor. Noticing it, Ludwig took a few steps and picked it up. It was another plane ticket. The ticket was another life time ticket so he could use it whenever. Ludwig then remembered why he got the ticket. It was just in case his idiot brother someho
:iconanimegamer1223:AnimeGamer1223 279 43
Madame de Pompadour by Lasarasu Madame de Pompadour :iconlasarasu:Lasarasu 237 12
Germany x Albino!Child!Reader x Prussia Ch.10
     "Germany! Germany! Are you alright!" 
     Ludwig slowly blinked open his eyes, meeting a sun glare. His eyebrows scrunched up, before shielding his eyes. That was when he saw Kiku hovering over him, along with Feliciano. They both had worried faces, all directed towards Germany. 
     Ludwig pushed himself up, putting a hand on his forehead. "Where are we?"
     "The side of the road," America answered, unusually serious. "Japan managed to swerve out of the way, but the side of your car was damaged... Sorry dude."
     "Was anyone hurt?"
     "Not really. Just glass cuts. You, England, and a few others kind of got a knocking from the impact though," Kiku answered. Germany sighed in relief. At least no one was hurt because of his faults.
     "Sorry, I wasn't paying attention to the road..." he apologized. Ludwig stood
:iconanimegamer1223:AnimeGamer1223 262 44
BigBrother!RussiaxBullied!Child!Reader - Part One?
Again, for the 2nd time this week, you were curled up in the corner of your room, crying.  Belarus had slapped you for asking where Russia was.  You were a small, Russian territory.  You and Belarus were the same age, 6 years old.  You grew up together and you were treated like sisters and you treated each other like sisters.  When you were little, you did everything together.  You loved each other as sisters.  But as you both grew older, she started getting more violent.  Like today.  Today was only the 2nd time but it seemed like the scared you to be honest.  The first time, you had asked where Russia was and she had slapped you and screamed, "HE'S MINE!! YOU CAN'T HAVE HIM _____!!"  You were so shocked that you didn't cry at all.  When Ukraine had asked what happened, you said that you fell down the stairs and smacked your face on the hardwood floor.  She hadn't believed you, but pretended to buy
:iconpinkietheanimeperson:PinkieTheAnimePerson 117 20
Sibling Controversy (Sis Reader X Brother England)
After waking up from a long dream, you yawn loudly while still lying in your bed.
You begin rubbing the corner of your eyes to get rid of your drowsiness but stop right after feeling something on your face.
You look up at your hands in mortified before feeling the whip cream all over your face.
You quickly sit up and glare murderously at your bedroom door.
Yesterday night, your jerk of a brother put shaving cream all over your face while you’re asleep.
What a way to ruin your morning…
Pretending to read your novel, you secretly eyed Arthur who’s in the kitchen placing the electric tea kettle on the stove to begin boiling the water.
You swiftly turn to the page of your novel, taking note that Arthur is now setting his tea cup, milk, and sugar cellar on the table while waiting for the kettle to whistle.
You quickly let your eyes scan over the words of the novel, pretending to read when Arthur is facing this way. You don’t want to act suspicious.
After a f
:iconsilentkittycat:SilentKittyCat 146 57
Mature content
Gagged Up (Drunk Male!Reader X Drunk England) :iconsilentkittycat:SilentKittyCat 105 62
Terror Night (Male!Reader X England)
You enthusiastically knock on England’s door without stopping, too excitedly to keep waiting.
After what seems like forever to you even though it was only 20 seconds, England finally throws the door open and scowls at you in annoyance
Will it really kill you to wait for at least 10 seconds!?” he scolded, glaring at you.
You beam upon the sight of him
Finally, I thought you would never answer! I was worried you might not be at home for the moment” you walk pass him, entering to his house.
England sighed before rubbing his temples and entering his house, closing the front door in the process.
You plop down the couch of England’s living room, making yourself comfortable while waiting for England to arrive with the bowl of popcorns.
After recently discovering a brand new horror movie being released this season, you
finally bought the DVD movie of Insidious that you have been dying to watch it together with England, you
:iconsilentkittycat:SilentKittyCat 185 37
a bunch of flowers by veroro a bunch of flowers :iconveroro:veroro 81 3 SB 1-3 good shirt choices by veroro SB 1-3 good shirt choices :iconveroro:veroro 161 19 N7 by SerpentsShipmate N7 :iconserpentsshipmate:SerpentsShipmate 7 0 Apprentice by SerpentsShipmate Apprentice :iconserpentsshipmate:SerpentsShipmate 3 0 Reaper by GUWEIZ Reaper :iconguweiz:GUWEIZ 8,022 100
D!Sousuke x M!Reader x Son!Haru - (Water) Surprise
“Haru, Sousuke! Breakfast is ready!”
Your voice rang throughout the house, followed by two sets of footsteps rushing down the stairs. Haru rushed in first, sitting in his chair and picking up his special dolphin chopsticks to eat his meal. Sousuke followed soon after, muttering a ‘good morning’ before making a fresh batch of coffee.
“What’s got you so ruffled up? It’s not even 10.” You teased, earning you an unamused look from your husband. “Work. It’s always work,” Sousuke sighed. He’d been working overtime for the past few days as there was so much paperwork to take care of. Not to mention the numerous cases involving a suspected “bird-man” that had been popping out of nowhere. The joys of being a police officer, he assumed.
“Ah. Well,” you leaned close to whisper in Sousuke’s ear, “I have a surprise later, so could you come home early today? It’s very important.” S
:iconanimepikachu:animepikachu 33 3
Akashi x Pregnant!Reader- Not Mine {End 3/3}
"He has... blue hair..?"
Your expression was one of shock as the nurse took away the sobbing baby to clean him.
You had to be seeing things, right? There's no possible way that that's not Akashi's son! He was the only one who had ever done it with you, so there's no way...
When the nurse handed you the baby swaddled in blue blankets, you were assured that this was indeed not Akashi's kin.
The heartbroken look on his face when he saw the small strands of blue hair was enough to make you tear up. You hadn't meant for this to happen. This was supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life...
You looked down at the small child, wondering just how this baby had been created. You had never seen someone with such blue hair...
Didn't Kuroko and Aomine have blue hair too?
No... That's impossible!!

You don't recall them ever getting that close to you...
A memory flashed through your mind as you remember that strange day when
:iconanimepikachu:animepikachu 95 20
Akashi x Pregnant!Reader- Not Mine
The redhead's voice reached your ears, although you didn't bother to respond.
His voice called again, sounding more annoyed and commanding than before. Still, you did not reply.
"(Name), my orders are absolute. Come here."
If you had known he had said that, you would have went with it. But you were stuck in your own little world, far away from Akashi and his commands. Your thoughts currently focused on the incident that had occurred on your way to the supermarket...
"Eggs, milk, tofu..." You listed off the items you were going to get from the local supermarket. You were planning on making tofu soup, your husband's favourite. He had been quite stressed out lately with his company so you decided to make the soup, hoping it would calm him down a bit.
After you had gotten the groceries, you were walking back home but suddenly you felt a hand on your shoulder. You turned around to see who it was but a blindfold covered your eyes, making yo
:iconanimepikachu:animepikachu 122 33


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